the song of faerun takes place in cormanthor and its underdark in 2 very different campaigns. on the surface a blood feud between the gold dragon Raksara who can trace his lineage to the days of myth drannor and its cavalry unit the wing and horn and the malevolent red dragon Pelendralaar murderer of Raksara’s family, begins burn across cormanthor. in the long deceased Venom’s knoll an injured Raksara rests, unable to continue the fight on his own he has come to trust the aid of 13 year old Nolu’erellocha a drow of the fallen house of chumavh in maerimydra and her new friend taran , nephew of a gold elf on the elf council. taran is the only surface dweller of the 2 but it is Nolu that Raksara trusts most. Nolu and Taran [who has yet to met Raksara] were on their way to Raksara from the tomb of damara having collected the orb of green dragon kind when a heavy mist arose and they lost their path. shortly there after a thick rain fell in and the party had no choice but to take shelter. now inside the house on harrow hill they have until midnight before an evil spirit known as gunter claims one of their lives for his dark necromantic plans. trapped inside the house they must defeat gunter or face the grim fate of losing one of their own. whats worse is that if gunter works for pelendralaar then peledralaar could very well be aware of Raksara’s survival.

the players so far
note: this does not mean people playing the game but rather important pc’s and npc’s.

Nolu’erellocha – a shur [demonic winged drow] and daughter of high priestess and matron of house chumavh. now on the run from an unknown enemy she is alone in the world. her only 2 friends being Raksar and Taran are very recent developments.

Taran , – is the nephew of a gold elf on the elf council. he is wary of Nolu but she is proving to be formidable partner in battle and has already earned the trust of a powerful gold dragon.

Vhira Rechan – Pelendralaar’s female lizardfolk shaman and scout. she has proven to be a powerful opponent but not without compassion. she has found herself unwilling to kill Nolu’erellocha because she is a child.

weloh ir – Vhira’s pseudo dragon familiar. unusually evil and feisty a manipulator and clever companion but has rather comical moments of failure.

Raksara – gold dragon [age unknown] descendant of the gold dragons of the former wing and horn cavalry unit of myth drannor. he is Nolu’s tutor and friend.

Pelendralaar – evil red dragon [age unknown] his actions and agenda remain a mystery. all that is known is that he murdered Raksara’s family and tried to kill Raksara as well. more recently he dispatched Vhira to the tomb of damara to obtain for him an orb of dragon kind. which at the time was believed by Raksara to be of gold or red dragons but has been revealed to control green dragons.

meanwhile in the underdark a very different stream of events takes place. drow politics rage on as the gathering of hatchlings is in full swing. a time when house chumavh opens its doors to the cities inhabitants and they hold a sort of open court for new comers to prove them selves and be allowed at court the following year. the event takes place at castle chumavh every noble house matron is in attendance with other prominent members of their houses as well as many brave unknowns looking to gain rank and favor among the cities elite. the mingling has lasted 1 day so far and in this time interesting surprises have already taken place. a mysterious draconic man by the name of peledralaar has been welcomed at court by house chumavh. meanwhile the watcher Phar Mindglider and the Drow liNeerlay’faryn of house Vlos have made aquaintance with Imperia matron of house elghinn. recently they have over heard imperia frusterated that her underlings have failed to return an item for her and instead died in the attempt. in a move to impress imperia the 2 offered their assistance. shortly their after imperia had introduced the 2 to her agent nathlilik a drow rogue. nathlilik escorted the 2 to the dark house of consumption where they then entered and sought out a powerful necromantic staff on imperia’s behalf. the trials were difficult but the party of 3 returned with the staff to imperia.

the list of players in this underdark game is rather large and its meant to be the the PC’s do not know every one so they are not listed here.

the underdark game is both a political intrigue and adventure style game. the adventure part is straight forward except that it takes place underground but the political part uses rules from the game of bones found inside the quintessential drow. this campaign is more open to evil characters but good and neutral are fine as well. although any new player is going to be required to play a drow varient and if the current non drow die their players will also be subject to this rule.

if you want more info on either campaign in the song of faerun feel free to contact me. if this site has no email system I’ll put my enmail up here later.

right now we are strongly looking for new players. I’m looking for players who want to have a good time with decent personalities and don’t mind gaming for long periods of time. we game once a week for 9-12 hours on sunday, although the day can be changed to suit the group.

the song of faerun